620 Medalist Avenue - Lot 3


Olympic View Land Development Corporation submitted the Rezoning Application for Lot 3 located at 620 Medalist Avenue within Phase 1 of Olympic View community development in Colwood. The information provided on this website supports the Rezoning application of the proposed 34 residential units development.

Preserving Nature

  • Landscape - Careful volume manipulation maintains the natural site landscape, avoiding site disruption, unnecessary excavation, and trees removal.

  • Green Belt - Gentle site positioning allows continuous mature green screening areas along the site perimeter.

  • Natural Surface - Open parkade under the building reduces hard surfaces and landscape disruption.

Neighbourhood Fit

  • Olympic View Entrance - The unique composition of Lot 3 and 35 does create a natural welcoming gate to the area reflecting the neighbourhood and landscape context. The contemporary design language applies a sense of neighbourhood identity and provides a distinctive character to the community.

  • Acknowledging Context - Stepping down the building allows for a natural transition from urban neighbourhood centre building located at the north into the south of low-rise multi-family housing character.

  • Traffic Mitigation - Open parkade under the building avoids visual and spatial interaction between the neighbouring properties and parking components. It also mitigates hard surfaces and associated traffic visual, noise and scent disturbance.

  • Respectful - The continuous mature green screening areas along the site perimeter and generous setbacks mitigate the spatial and visual impact on the neighbouring properties.


  • Program - Multi-family Condominium Housing

  • Unit Count - 34. By providing various housing unit sizes, the project supports different housing needs and options

  • Parking Count - 44 parking stalls, including 1 accessible.

  • Bicycle Count - 50 bicycle parking stalls, including 8 oversized.

  • Storeys - 5. Continuous height increase maintains the landscape, preserve trees and site character, and decrease the building footprint.

  • Area and FAR - The total gross floor area is 5,955.17 m², and the Floor Area Ratio is 0.87

  • Lot Coverage - 21.85 %

  • Setbacks - Minimum 1.5 to 10.5 m. The actual building location provides increased distances as the minimum setbacks (see Site Plan). The setbacks allow for landscape screening of the adjacent properties.

  • Note: The determination of the figures follows the City of Colwood Land Use Bylaw No. 151methodology and definitions.


  • Note: The pictures are the artistic expression of the architect's concept only.

  • Project Context - Birdview. Looking towards North-West

  • View from the adjacent property at the south-eastern perimeter of the site. Looking towards North- West.

  • View from Latoria Road. Looking towards South.

  • View from the adjacent property across Medalist Ave. Looking towards North.

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