Olympic View Design Approval Process

The following outlines the Olympic View Approval Process

  • Definitions

  • ‘The Owner’

  • ‘The Developer’ ‘The Designer’

  • ‘The Approving Architect’

  • ‘The Approving Landscape Architect’

  • The unit owner wishing to construct a new Single Family or Duplex Residence

  • OV Projects 2020 Limited Partnership, or its designated representative

  • The person or company appointed by the Owner to prepare design and provide design documents.

  • An Architect appointed by the Developer to review the design for compliance with the Guidelines. As the coordinating approving agent, the Approving Architect will provide the Approving Landscape Architect with all relevant drawings, schedules and notices.

  • A Landscape Architect appointed by the Developer to review the submitted Landscape Plan.


  • The overall purpose of the review and approval process is to protect the unique character of Olympic View's natural setting, ecology and developing community. The primary means to this end will be careful and sensitive siting of new homes and hard landscaping to minimize blasting, grade changes and disturbance of native vegetation. An equally important objective is the creation of an attractive streetscape and harmonious relationship of neighbouring homes that supports Olympic View’s community building goals.

  • Note: These drawings are to comply with all City requirements for Building Permit Application. The Approving Architect to confirm that the design approved by the Developer is reflected in the Building Permit documents.


  • The Approving Architect and Landscape Architect will be formally appointed by the Developer

  • The Approving Architect or Landscape Architect may not act as the architect / designer or landscape architect for any Owner at Olympic View, other than the Developer or affiliate of the Developer or otherwise without written permission by the Developer

  • The fee the Approving Architect’s and Approving Landscape Architects services will be paid by the Owner to the Developer at Closing. The Developer will in turn, in its role as client, compensate the Approving Architect.


  • The following is a list of required documents for submission to the Approving Architect and Developer

  • For initial review submission please provide a single full colour PDF set of plans via email.

  • Color and type of materials, Any grades at perimeter of building, Any exterior lights, vents and exact detailed layout of any railings, All finished floor, deck and roof eave and ridge elevations to be shown

  • Combined site and building section showing the road profile and relationship of the building garage and driveway to the street. Existing and proposed grade. Construction assemblies, column locations and sizes, and railing and fascia details.

  • Architect will undertake a final site review, complete the photo record of the site and project details, and provide the Developer with verification of conformance with the approved design.